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Publication of La Traverse n° 166

The December 2021 issue is available for download on the CR IIm website, in the members' area.

This last issue of the year is different in more than one way. Indeed, following the additional constraints imposed by the authorities and which will be strictly applied within our association following a request from vaccinated members, a small number of members who are not beneficiaries of the "Covid pass" are no longer allowed to frequent our premises.

As a result, what was in the process of being finalised for the journal was not done, as most of the work for the benefit of the club being done at the clubhouse... For our journal and for the website, this translates into:

  1. an article that could not be finalised is missing from this issue 166, which leaves some space (3 blank pages) at the end of the issue;
  2. at the same time, this issue means a mothballing of the newspaper, with the editor's absence from the premises preventing him from having the necessary exchanges to fulfil his task, and denying him access to the computer at the club on which he works to compose the journal;
  3. finally, the updating of the club's website has slowed down considerably, as this work is also done locally on the club's computer.

All these activities, and some others, can only be resumed when the authorities lift these restrictions. The editor of the newspaper, who is also the webmaster of the site, has made other arrangements for the first half of 2022 in terms of his professional agenda (no more time off to come to our premises), so this degraded situation is likely to continue until early September 2022. We apologise for this.

Contentcouverture 166

In addition to our usual sections (The Word from the President, The Editorial, and The Agenda), here are the articles that are presented this month:

  • Minutes of the stamms: Three reports were planned for this issue, but in the end there are only two. Indeed, our association premises have been able to remain open and lively since the beginning of the pandemic thanks to the decisions taken by the committee. However, the decision taken at the December meeting upset the delicate balance established by our committee and an immediate brake was put on at the end of this last meeting: no report was drawn up in time for the journal. The minutes for October and November are therefore presented here; the December minutes, written by the president, have meanwhile been published in the members' area.

  • Idea for a train trip: Our president invites us to take a round trip on public transport through the heart of Central Switzerland. Reading his enthusiasm and emotions, there is no doubt that it will make you want to experience the same thing... when travel is possible again in a normal way.

  • Exceptional traffic in Graubünden: At the beginning of October, the Bernina line saw some exceptional traffic as part of the anniversary of the famous Club 1889. No less than three very special trains travelled between Sankt Moritz and Tirano over two days on the legendary line, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The great guest was locomotive BB 81, which ran for the first time in 50 years on the Bernina and is now in active retirement at Blonay-Chamby railway museum.
    Unfortunately, this article could not be published in the space provided for this purpose, as the author was no longer authorised to frequent the premises, as explained above... This article will therefore only appear on the personal site of his author.

  • New rules for the clubhouse: And finally, a short article mentioning the new rules to be applied to access the clubhouse, as decided by some members at the December 2021 stamm.

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